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Skip Volpert

Photo by dirtMyth

Skip Volpert is a wilderness Nomad. He’s found a way to make a living while doing what he loves. As a fly fishing and raft guide on the Middle Fork Salmon river, Skip spends close to 150 days a year working in the wilderness. Granted, he sleeps on a pad in the dirt, home address is a PO Box, and his most prized possession is a truck (named Leroy); yet he loves what he does and wakes up everyday stoked.


Skip Volpert Idaho

“To me, living a NomadLife means appreciating what you have. I won the lottery being born into a river family. Every summer I have the privilege of guiding people down a river. I get to share with them an experience of floating and camping on a river, surrounded by granite walls, campfires, and stars. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Idaho River Rafting

“It can be difficult to be disconnected from the outside world, I do miss my friends and family during the summer. By shooting with my camera it gives me a bridge to society form the wilderness; connecting others to my experiences through photos and videos. Often, after trips I may have just a couple of hours to upload pics and without my Nomad Carabiner I would be hosed.”

Middle Fork Salmon Fly Fishing

“I think it’s cliche to say, live life to the fullest. Instead, I believe in finding a balance between work and play. On my days off I try to go on adventures with friends and families, it reminds me why I fell in love with the outdoors in the first place; being in the wilderness with those closet to me.”


“I love being a Nomad, and appreciate having the support from Nomad Goods, allowing me to share my adventures with others”

Check out Skip’s Adventures for more awesome footage.

Cooper McBean of The Devil Makes Three | NomadLife


Besides being a kick-ass banjo player, guitarist, singer, leather artisan, and member of the acoustic punk-blues band The Devil Makes Three, Cooper McBean is a Modern Nomad. Although he insists that having a “permanent residence” may disqualify him, a quick glance at the band’s tour schedule begs to differ. He spends more than half his time on the road, touring throughout North America and Europe.
coop HSB
Keeping in touch with friends and family is a challenge with his schedule, and he doesn’t take those relationships for granted.
“Digital technology has been huge in this regard. Being able to send messages all over the world instantly has done wonders for maintaining personal relationships while traveling. I spend a whole lot of time poking at my phone, but I also really like to write letters the old fashioned way!”
McBean has been playing music since his junior high in southern Vermont, where he was inspired by the banjo players of the 1920s and 30s, as well as country singers like Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. He is largely self-taught and sure that “a really good banjo player” would be unimpressed with his technique.  No matter, though, since McBean and his bandmates, Lucia Turino and Pete Bernhard, have created a unique sound that make them a favorite on the festival and club circuit.
In between shows, McBean concentrates on creating custom leather goods. His belts and wallets feature intricate, hand-tooled designs. McBean’s passion for bringing joy to others comes through in even the most casual encounter. Don’t let the ear gauges and tattoos fool you: He is a warm, affable guy who  doesn’t hesitate to talk with fans, shake hands and pose for pictures.
We asked McBean to share advice for novice Modern Nomads, he simply says:
“Take care of your body and your brains as best you can. Get plenty of sleep, eat right, try to find some alone time if possible. Nothing is worse than being sick or crazy on the road. Pack plenty of clean socks, and don’t forget to call home. A dry bag will keep your dirty laundry from stinking up the  clean. Don’t take any wooden nickels.”
Words by Nomad Life ambassador: Laura Shotzbarger

Will Stauffer-Norris | NomadLife

NomadLife Will Stauffer-Norris
Will Stauffer-Norris is a modern Nomad. Someone who has found the healthy balance between work and play. As a professional filmmaker and photographer, Will travels the globe to work in some truly amazing places. His nomadic lifestyle may not be ideal for most, but what can be appreciated is his passion for conservation.

NomadLife Will Stauffer-Norris

“I’m never in any place for more than a few weeks or maybe months, constantly chasing different seasons in different parts of the world. I think a big part of being a nomad is traveling light- everything I own has to fit in a car, and when I’m traveling abroad often in a backpack or a couple of dry bags. Gear that serves more than one function is especially useful.”

“I often find myself in extremely unique places in the world- a gorge few people have seen; a flash of light across a landscape; a threatened river. My goal is to share these places, and people who inhabit them, through the mediums of photography and video. Even if it’s only for a minute or two on someone’s computer screen, I hope I bring a bit more joy, inspiration, or beauty into someone’s life.”


“Balance your travel with rest! It’s easy to get caught up in the quest to always be adventuring and traveling, but I’ve found that strategic breaks to rest, plan, and synthesize are crucial. Right now, for example, I’m stationary for four months in preparation for six months of traveling in Asia. It can be long or short duration- even just taking a day or two to get yourself together at the front or tail end of a trip can make a big difference in stress level. This is also the time that I organize and edit my media, while it’s still fresh in my mind.”

Stay connected with Will and check out his website: Will Stauffer-Norris

Drew Smith | NomadLife

Drew Smith | Nomad Life

Drew Smith is a man on a mission. A mission for adventure and good times. Through blood, sweat, tears, and maybe some beers, Drew lives the NomadLife. Always on the go, always climbing, Drew has been able to let go of societal strains and live the good life on the wall and in his van.

To feed his climbing addiction, Drew works for a road construction company doing rope access drilling along roads. After a couple months of work, he is able to chase another dream and continue climbing.


“To me NomadLife means to live, not the way our society says is the best way, but the way I want to strive for. If its living on the road, working the nine to five, being the weekend warrior, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you are happy.”


“My blog is a way to share my passion with others, and my hope is it inspires people and makes them seek out that new adventure. I enjoy sharing my climbing lifestyle because I think too many people are working jobs and living lives they don’t truly enjoy.”

NomadLife Drew

“The Grass is always greener on the other side but for now I’m going to keep searching for the green grass on both sides. For a nomadic lifestyle, the best advice I can give is to take only what you need. I’m 29 years old and I live in a van with everything I own. And I love it!”

Stay connected with Drew and check out his blog: Drew’s Plan enjoy his latest climbing video.

Katrina Van Wijk | NomadLife


Katrina Van Wijk personifies what it means to be a NOMAD. Someone who finds meaning and purpose in what they do and inspires others while doing it. Van Wijk’s passion is whitewater kayaking, and her enthusiasm for kayaking has translated into a way of living that we all can embrace: staying stoked and continually exploring. In 2012, Van Wijk started TiTS DEEP, a group that supports women in extreme sports. We asked her about experiences, this is what she had to say:

“A NOMADic lifestyle to me means to be free of negative feelings, fear of change, fear of unknown, etc. I live my life as each day comes and make the very best of it. It’s a cliché but to ‘seize the day’ (carpe diem) is a favourite quote of mine. I love being a NOMAD; the unknown fuels my desire to explore and conquer. Push boundaries inspiring others to follow, and show them what is possible.”



“The idea behind TiTS DEEP was to bring more stoke to women paddlers on the water. It started as a term we used to to describe how ‘sick’ our lines were. TD has evolved into inspiring women to push beyond their comfort zone and feel how powerful and bad-ass each one of us truly is. Moving into all types of sports and more, I hope to show women that it’s ok to be rowdy, dirty, strong, and HAPPY!”

Katrina Van Wijk | Nomad Life - Waterfall 2



Check out TiTS DEEP on Facebook and be inspired!

Joe Ridler | NomadLife

NOMADLife profiles interesting people who find exceptional value in what they do. If you live an engaging life that pushes boundaries, embraces the unknown, and inspires others, we want to hear your story.

Joe Ridler came up with the idea for a new competitive sport that was based around Wingsuits, and how to shift their primary usage from survival to competition. Ridler took the concept of Wingsuit racing and entered it into the Red Bull Launch Pad competition. He invested countless hours on design, video editing, presentations and social media buzz, and even went so far as to personally reach out to the man who was effectively the inspiration behind the concept, Red Bull Wingsuit athlete Jokke Sommer. Not only did all of Joe’s work and late nights pay off – he won the competition – but he also gained a close friend in Jokke, and together they began the quest for human flight.

Most of us have never jumped out of a plane and many never will, but Joe’s enthusiasm is contagious: he acted with purpose, taking his passion for the sports of human flight, applying his talents and proving that dreams can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

We caught up with Joe to hear about his idea and inspiration:

“As a kid, I constantly dreamt of flying – probably because I didn’t have much except my family and maybe I thought the answer was somewhere up there. At times so much seemed like almost an impossibility, but I was determined and refused to give up. Now, as an adult, I’ve harnessed my talents, worked my butt off and have been blessed with some of the most unbelievable experiences in my life. When I’m soaring through the sky, I’m reminded of what all that work was for -freedom. The freedom to do the things I only dreamt of.”

Living a #NOMADLife is a balance act for Joe.

“I’m proof that when you’re focused and work hard using the tools you’re given, the ‘craziest’ dreams can become reality… even for the average Joe”.

Watch Joe’s Video entry outlining the concept and keep an eye out for the new competition!


Andrew Mathews | NomadLife

NomadLife is more than simply taking risks; it is an everyday adventure in which you embrace the unknown, seek new ideas, challenge old assumptions, and look to expand your boundaries. Regardless of your lifestyle, there is a Nomad in all of us. If you’re someone who thinks differently and continually lives life against the grain, we want to hear your story.

It takes risk and courage to explore the globe and live off of your adventures. For most, unknown and constant changes in traveling (or in day-to-day life) can be daunting.  But for Andrew Mathews, this is what he does for a living. His travel blog is captivating, filled with photos and stories that go well beyond the inspiration to explore. It’s a refreshing reminder that you can let go and live a life of freedom and spontaneity, or, as Andrew would say, a life that is a “tour de Sueños.”


We were able to catch up with Andrew before he left for South America last week. This is what he had to say about the #NOMADLife, and how it relates to him:

 “I live a life that is constantly on the move. My friends live in different parts of the world, and no matter where I go, I seem to find a home. I live a life of adventure, where dreams become a reality. I feel lucky to call the outdoors my office. Nomad life is a simple life that offers freedom to explore the world around us. Now in the modern world it is great to stayed connected with friends and family. Sharing my experiences on my blog is a way for others to be a part of the journey. Yesterday Africa, today California, and tomorrow South America. Everyday is a good day.”


Whether you are working in a city or touring the world, anyone can be a Nomad. We want to share your story with our community and celebrate your creativity, risks, and journeys.