Joe Ridler | NomadLife

NOMADLife profiles interesting people who find exceptional value in what they do. If you live an engaging life that pushes boundaries, embraces the unknown, and inspires others, we want to hear your story.

Joe Ridler came up with the idea for a new competitive sport that was based around Wingsuits, and how to shift their primary usage from survival to competition. Ridler took the concept of Wingsuit racing and entered it into the Red Bull Launch Pad competition. He invested countless hours on design, video editing, presentations and social media buzz, and even went so far as to personally reach out to the man who was effectively the inspiration behind the concept, Red Bull Wingsuit athlete Jokke Sommer. Not only did all of Joe’s work and late nights pay off – he won the competition – but he also gained a close friend in Jokke, and together they began the quest for human flight.

Most of us have never jumped out of a plane and many never will, but Joe’s enthusiasm is contagious: he acted with purpose, taking his passion for the sports of human flight, applying his talents and proving that dreams can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

We caught up with Joe to hear about his idea and inspiration:

“As a kid, I constantly dreamt of flying – probably because I didn’t have much except my family and maybe I thought the answer was somewhere up there. At times so much seemed like almost an impossibility, but I was determined and refused to give up. Now, as an adult, I’ve harnessed my talents, worked my butt off and have been blessed with some of the most unbelievable experiences in my life. When I’m soaring through the sky, I’m reminded of what all that work was for -freedom. The freedom to do the things I only dreamt of.”

Living a #NOMADLife is a balance act for Joe.

“I’m proof that when you’re focused and work hard using the tools you’re given, the ‘craziest’ dreams can become reality… even for the average Joe”.

Watch Joe’s Video entry outlining the concept and keep an eye out for the new competition!


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