Katrina Van Wijk | NomadLife


Katrina Van Wijk personifies what it means to be a NOMAD. Someone who finds meaning and purpose in what they do and inspires others while doing it. Van Wijk’s passion is whitewater kayaking, and her enthusiasm for kayaking has translated into a way of living that we all can embrace: staying stoked and continually exploring. In 2012, Van Wijk started TiTS DEEP, a group that supports women in extreme sports. We asked her about experiences, this is what she had to say:

“A NOMADic lifestyle to me means to be free of negative feelings, fear of change, fear of unknown, etc. I live my life as each day comes and make the very best of it. It’s a cliché but to ‘seize the day’ (carpe diem) is a favourite quote of mine. I love being a NOMAD; the unknown fuels my desire to explore and conquer. Push boundaries inspiring others to follow, and show them what is possible.”



“The idea behind TiTS DEEP was to bring more stoke to women paddlers on the water. It started as a term we used to to describe how ‘sick’ our lines were. TD has evolved into inspiring women to push beyond their comfort zone and feel how powerful and bad-ass each one of us truly is. Moving into all types of sports and more, I hope to show women that it’s ok to be rowdy, dirty, strong, and HAPPY!”

Katrina Van Wijk | Nomad Life - Waterfall 2



Check out TiTS DEEP on Facebook and be inspired!

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