Will Stauffer-Norris | NomadLife

NomadLife Will Stauffer-Norris
Will Stauffer-Norris is a modern Nomad. Someone who has found the healthy balance between work and play. As a professional filmmaker and photographer, Will travels the globe to work in some truly amazing places. His nomadic lifestyle may not be ideal for most, but what can be appreciated is his passion for conservation.

NomadLife Will Stauffer-Norris

“I’m never in any place for more than a few weeks or maybe months, constantly chasing different seasons in different parts of the world. I think a big part of being a nomad is traveling light- everything I own has to fit in a car, and when I’m traveling abroad often in a backpack or a couple of dry bags. Gear that serves more than one function is especially useful.”

“I often find myself in extremely unique places in the world- a gorge few people have seen; a flash of light across a landscape; a threatened river. My goal is to share these places, and people who inhabit them, through the mediums of photography and video. Even if it’s only for a minute or two on someone’s computer screen, I hope I bring a bit more joy, inspiration, or beauty into someone’s life.”


“Balance your travel with rest! It’s easy to get caught up in the quest to always be adventuring and traveling, but I’ve found that strategic breaks to rest, plan, and synthesize are crucial. Right now, for example, I’m stationary for four months in preparation for six months of traveling in Asia. It can be long or short duration- even just taking a day or two to get yourself together at the front or tail end of a trip can make a big difference in stress level. This is also the time that I organize and edit my media, while it’s still fresh in my mind.”

Stay connected with Will and check out his website: Will Stauffer-Norris

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