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Skip Volpert

Photo by dirtMyth

Skip Volpert is a wilderness Nomad. He’s found a way to make a living while doing what he loves. As a fly fishing and raft guide on the Middle Fork Salmon river, Skip spends close to 150 days a year working in the wilderness. Granted, he sleeps on a pad in the dirt, home address is a PO Box, and his most prized possession is a truck (named Leroy); yet he loves what he does and wakes up everyday stoked.


Skip Volpert Idaho

“To me, living a NomadLife means appreciating what you have. I won the lottery being born into a river family. Every summer I have the privilege of guiding people down a river. I get to share with them an experience of floating and camping on a river, surrounded by granite walls, campfires, and stars. It doesn’t get much better than that!”

Idaho River Rafting

“It can be difficult to be disconnected from the outside world, I do miss my friends and family during the summer. By shooting with my camera it gives me a bridge to society form the wilderness; connecting others to my experiences through photos and videos. Often, after trips I may have just a couple of hours to upload pics and without my Nomad Carabiner I would be hosed.”

Middle Fork Salmon Fly Fishing

“I think it’s cliche to say, live life to the fullest. Instead, I believe in finding a balance between work and play. On my days off I try to go on adventures with friends and families, it reminds me why I fell in love with the outdoors in the first place; being in the wilderness with those closet to me.”


“I love being a Nomad, and appreciate having the support from Nomad Goods, allowing me to share my adventures with others”

Check out Skip’s Adventures for more awesome footage.

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