Garret Smith | NomadLife

What is the #NOMADLIFE? It can be found in Garret Smith, a freelance adventure photographer whose images encompass what it means to be a NOMAD. From adventures on the Lochsa River in Idaho to ski touring in Montana to surfing trips down in Mexico, Garret captures it all through his lens. Smith’s work is passionate, motivating, and inspiring for those to seek to live the #NOMADLIFE.

We asked Garret to share why he lives a life of adventure. This is what he had to say:

“Wandering the land always brings about inspiration and it helps to expand our horizons and perspectives of life. The blog started as a photo portfolio but changed when I quickly began to get responses about the images’ content inspiring others to see what’s on the other side of the mountain.  It morphed into a photography site to share the idea of living simply in regards to materials items, to achieve more of an adventure life style consisting of living out of a truck or couch surfing.This choice opens up the possibility to surf, hike, climb, boat, snowboard, eat, drink and be merry in as many different and beautiful places in this huge world.”


If you live the #NOMADLIFE, please send your story to We want to celebrate your passion and lifestyle, and would love to share it with our community. Thank you.


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